A little about me!

Hi! My name is Amanda. Most people call me Pim. It is a long story that I won’t get into in this post or any in the near future. All I will say for now is that it was given to me by my sweet mother in law long before she became my mother in law. They say to start a blog is to write about things your are passionate about. My problem is I do not just have one area of focus that I am passionate about. For instance, I am passionate about fashion and trend ( I manage in the women’s fashion retail industry) I am passionate about crafting especially when it comes to decorating, my family,organizing etc. What I am most passionate about is what I have been told that I inspire with and for sure something I loathed a few years ago which is fitness!!! Not only fitness but clean eating, a full balanced life, meditation, anything and everything all natural (to a degree because I am still exploring) however, I love to share with what I know, have tried, and learned. I love to inspire others and show moms like myself that your can work 40+ hours a week, be a mom and still have a healthy lifestyle! It can be fun, simple, doable, and exciting! I know I am not anywhere near the first to have a blog like this so I know that there is nothing extra special about me. However I do wish to share what I know and hopefully help a few moms along the way.


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