A calorie is NOT just a calorie> Why this not that?

One thing I have learned on my fitness journey is that all calories are NOT created equal! I mean whether you believe in clean eating, popular diets, or are successful by eating overly processed, calorie restricted frozen dinners everyone is successful in different ways with different methods. Everybody’s body is different and every body’s goals are different. There is no shame in doing what works for you. One thing I have discovered is that there are so many different articles out there and I even used to get confused when seemingly one article would contradict another. Good calories-bad calories, good fat-bad fat, good sugar- bad sugar( wait! There is good sugar?!?!) not necessarily but you can choose the lesser of two evils. However today I do not wish to educate you on everything listed above to make a point BUT to talk about how calories are not all created equal! Everything else will be included in different articles in the future. Below are 3 comparisons and their healthier choices for a simple way to swap that snack out, as well as WHY they are a better choice for you since all calories are not created equal!

#1 The 100 calorie snack pack vs. carrots & hummus

A 100 calorie snack pack, let’s say cheeze it’s for example contains sugars, toxins, chemicals and food dyes! The 100 calories you receive from this small portioned, probably still leaves you hungry ( I know it did me) snack does the following to your system….
Insulin spikes>fat is both stores and prevented from leaving the body>immune response is triggered on the invading toxins in your body> shortly after your blood sugar drops leaving you craving another snack and we usually give into that craving! Let’s say your body is given a more natural snack? Here is where our carrots and hummus take the stage….You can have 1/2 c serving of carrots and two TBSP of hummus for a whopping 100 CALORIES!!! I like bigger portions, don’t you??Number one you can have an entire 1/2 serving of carrots for a mere 25 calories, it has no artificial colors, chemicals, ingredients etc and your body recognizes what you are feeding it. Number 2- Carrots also contain vitamins A,K, calcium, beta- carotene and fiber to keep you fuller longer. As for the hummus ITS DELICIOUS America and hummus? Hummus is simple! Just ground chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt! There you have it! Chickpea se are high in protein which helps build muscle and keep you fuller longer as well. Studies have proven that chickpeas can lower cholesterol, fight hunger cravings and balance blood sugar levels so you are less likely to crash and binge!!!! Need I say more???
Moving on…….

#2 100 calorie Chobani fruit flavored yogurt vs. pumpkin yogurt( made from non fat Greek yogurt)
Where do I begin??? For starters of course the serving size is crazy tiny compared to the original stepping in at a mere 5.3 ounces which is 13% less yogurt. We want more and to not be starving afterwards right??? Also A 100 calorie strawberry Chobani yogurt contains fake fiber!?!?! This is a big one for me. Yogurt is not meant to be a great source of fiber and holds its own when it comes to protein, calcium and other nutritious ingredients. This fake fiber called inulin comes from a chicory root and is only added to entice dieters to spend their money in this “seemingly healthy” product. Once again we come in contact with artificial colors, cane juice, SUGAR other sweeteners and fruit and vegetable juice FOR COLOR which tells you that there is not enough natural strawberry in your yogurt to even add color. No thanks! Once again your body will have an insulin spike, try to process the artificial sweeteners and other non- pronounceable ingredients store it, then crash leading you to needing to compensate and binge shortly after. With those effects this 100 calorie snack does not sound like a winner to me! Let’s look at this awesome 100 calorie Pinterest pumpkin yogurt! You can combine 1/2 cup all natural plain non fat Greek yogurt with 1/4 natural pumpkin purée, then add a 1/4 tsp natural vanilla extract, and pumpkin pie spice!!! And voila! Simple and filling! Adding pumpkin is a great way to not only up your flavor profile but also add NATURAL fiber into your yogurt. You have a high protein and calcium threshold and mixed together this awesome snack will fill you up and keep you from having a blood sugar crash! I hope so far you guys are seeing how a calorie is NOT just a calorie! Some are more nutritious than others, more filing, and for sure more natural! Last but not least let’s move to the gate keepers of our ingredients for sandwiches, burgers, etc which brings us to #3 on our list!

#3 100 calorie bread vs. regular all natural whole grain bread
Here is the thing! Calories is not all about calories! It is about the quality anymore and not just the quantity. And as we now know since all calories are NOT created equal you are better off ditching the low fat, low cal, etc. 100 calorie bread is (of course) smaller, thinner and less filling. Not to mention has extra junk and filler to cover up the fact that it would taste so bad. Some even have added sugar!!!! Yuck! Which in turn absorbs in your body, goes straight to extra unneeded sugar (extra calorie storage)makes YOUR blood sugar spike, and as we know spins right round like a record baby while your body eventually crashes ONCE again. So how about we invest in a regular size, filling piece of all natural, whole grain unrefined bread with an egg white a pinch of salt and pepper to taste and there ya go! Happy eating!!!! Ok happy fun and fit mommy readers I hope that cleared up some confusion and answered some questions! Remember ladies not ALL CALORIES ARE CREATED EQUAL!!!



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