Why what makes you beautiful may have not so beautiful secrets…. The ugly on beauty products and great alternatives to healthier skin.

If you are anything like me you enjoy buying new makeup and beauty products as much as the next girl. I am and Ulta and Sephora junkie! I love awesome $40+ foundation that promises me the moon and stars in the store,yet when I leave with my cute little bag of magical tricks the potions inside can’t even promise to cover the all to dark mommy circles under my eyes on my frantic Monday morning.
Fun and fit mommy here guys and I am going to share with you my experiences with some of my favorite best selling, name brand make ups and after a little research the new “healthy” for your skin alternatives I feel work for me! Does this mean that I will never set foot in my favorite cosmetic shop again? Of course not!!! However, I have found that when using these simple, all natural, alternatives my complexion improves and as a bonus I save money so I can splurge on the things that I cannot live without from my favorite cosmetic shopping sprees. I also want to cover some of the crazy ingredients that are in these cosmetics and why they are so toxic for you! Here we go!!!!

Ingredients- eeekkkk!!! After doing some research It had me thinking WOW!!! I PUT THIS STUFF ON MY FACE, which in turn absorbs into my body and into my blood stream,and it goes on and on and on…. Anyway (drum roll please)

#1- Formaldehyde!!!! YES PEOPLE FORMALDEHYDE! Like dead people juice! Cosmetics such as hair dye, eye lash adhesive and some shampoos as well as nail products can and DO contain traces of this chemical! Really??? Not appealing to me at all.

#2- Lead! This Can be found in your favorite pouty red lipstick as well as hair dyes. It’s going on your lips and it can transfer to whoever you kiss think about that?? You kiss your grandma with that mouth???Maybe it’s not enough to hurt you, or is it?? We all die of one thing or another one day who is to know it wasn’t lead poisoning from your pretty pout??

#3- Mercury. Can be found in mascara. Mercury has been tested and they have found as an allergen it actually impairs brain development?!?!? Sooo my 3D lashes could be killing my brain cells with every bat of an eye??

Those are just a few that startle me the most!!! I have tried Smash Box, Cover Girl, Urban Decay, Bare Minerals, Clinique, Estée Lauder, and my most current ( which I actually love) Becca! I know the chemicals are strong in this one because it’s literally like putting on a clay mask.It is an Australian made makeup to withstand the heat in the down under! Needless to say after explaining that it has a lot of the same ingredients and several more that I cannot pronounce. I feel like my take on this should be, I do not believe in putting products IN my body with ingredients that I cannot pronounce, why slather them on my body and absorb them?? I have had a hard time finding a fine line to walk between not only a foundation that actually matches (because I am ghostly pale) but one that neither over dries my skin or breaks me out worse than I did when I was 15! Because of this I also slather on moisturizer, primer then Foundation, concealer, highlighter, bronzer, THEN last but not least blush!!!Ladies that is LAYER after layer of chemicals am I getting beautiful or frosting a cake?!?!! I do the same when I wear lipstick. Exfoliate, chap stick, lip liner, finally lipstick then gloss it over. All of this fuss clogs pores, induces wrinkles, dry patches, black heads, breakouts then I feel ugly again. It’s like a vicious cycle.

So let’s make some changes…

#1- Lotion/ moisturizer substitute goes to…. You guessed it COCONUT OIL!!!!
As I am sure you have heard this stuff is all the rage for nearly everything from your bathroom beauty routine or your kitchen cabinet! But hey from my experience IT WORKS!!!!
*Why it works>The fatty acids in the oil are great for wrinkles, dry and chapped skin etc. Best of all since it is naturally antibacterial it will not, I repeat will not cause breakouts.
It is a wonderful moisturizer for my face in small increments as well as dry chapped elbows. Best of all the organic stuff only has one ingredient! All natural and a regular sized jar lasts. I suggest giving it a shot. Being a mom I love simple and it doesn’t get more simple than that.

#2- Deo for your B.O / anti perspirant

Several studies have shown the possible dangers, cancer causing issues that anti perspirant can cause you can google it all day. My very wise mother in law is way ahead of the game on this one and has used different all natural alternatives since I have known her. The most effective one I have discovered that is( once again) simple, would be mixing equal parts of YOU GUESSED IT coconut oil with equal parts baking soda. It controls odor and you can add different scents using all natural essential oils to make it your own!
* Why it works> once again coconut oil is antibacterial AND anti fungal and mixed with the baking soda keeps you dry and controls odor! Who knew???

#3- Facial toner
I have always used astringent and other strong alcohol based toners which end up giving me dry patches and reddish rough skin. Alternative? Coconut oil- JUST KIDDING!!! Try apple cider vinegar with the mother (pulp) still left in it. You can find this at most health food stores and a large bottle is relatively inexpensive. Mix a tap or two with 1/2 cup of water to dilute it. For those of you that hate the scent of vinegar the good news is the smell fades as soon as it dries on your skin.
*Why it works- Apple cider vinegar tightens, brightens, and is even said to lighten skin! Can you say sun spots?? It’s also naturally dries out pores helping eliminate the abundance of black heads camping out on your complexion! Everyone and every skin type is different. Maybe you have already or do not wish to try these. Comment and let me know what you like to swap out as natural beauty products. I would love for you to share your ideas. !

So there you have it ladies and gents the ugly on beauty! Hope it’s helpful! Happy experimenting!



5 thoughts on “Why what makes you beautiful may have not so beautiful secrets…. The ugly on beauty products and great alternatives to healthier skin.

  1. Love this!!! I was recently reading about some of the ingredients in makeup and it freaked me out. I use mineral makeup when I can. I never use deodorant with aluminum in it either. Coconut oil is a great mask for hair too!! I’ve done it a few times as a deep conditioner and loved the results! Oh and i love the tip about vinegar on the face!

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