Fun fit mommy’s fav fitness apps for FREE!!! The awesome top 10!!!

Hey guys!!! It’s a great evening to blog about a few of my favorite things! Fitness and the fun fitness apps that help me achieve and keep track of my goals! Because let’s face with being a mom and having a busy schedule I am not the kind of girl who has time to keep a journal, count calories, track my own mileage ( does anybody actually do that?) etc so I found lots of great easy ways to do it for me! We’re going to count down to my number one ,favorite, most used app!!! So without further ado let’s start with…….

#10> Waterlogged!!! All you gym junkies, runner chicks, and girls who lift all have one thing in common DRINKING ENOUGH WATER!!! To be fit, have great skin and be healthy it is a must! If your anything like me I lose track I am not going to lie. That is where waterlogged comes in! It gives you a goal and you just go in and tap the bottle for each bottle/glass of water you drink! You can even adjust before tApping if it was only 1/2, 1/4 etc . Then just tap a go! Super easy. 🙂 Why is give this app 5 stars? ITS FREE!

#9> Paleo Nom Nom! This app is pretty self explanatory! It’s all about Paleo. Well what you may not know about this app is that it gives you tons of delicious clean eating recipes that are simple! I use it a lot when I get in a slump and do not want to make the SAME healthy dinner again. Best part? ITS ALSO FREE!!!

#8> Candy cam! If you are anything like myself and thousands of other get in shapers out there you like to take the workout selfie, pre/post running photo etc. The saying goes if your still pretty after your workout you did not workout hard enough! I don’t know about you but if I want to post a picture where I am not red faced, sweating like a horse who just gave birth, or just plain looking like I not only killed my workout but am in the process of killing myself I use this app! Great filters and tons of fun posting options to make you look a little more lively! It is also free.

#7> Pop sugar active- This app is a lot of fun. I am sure that it has even more to offer than I have been able to explore. But my favorite part is the short work out videos when I am in a pinch, fitness tips of the day etc. it is for sure worth checking out! And guess what!? IT IS TOTALLY FREE!!!

#6> Tabata timer> I am a HUGE HIIT fan! I love getting the workouts from class and redoing them on my own time as well as looking up WODs ( workout of the day) online. The workout are written out and meant to be timed! The Tabata timer is GREAT for that. You can set it for 20 secs on 10 secs off etc. whatever is to be used to fit your workout needs. There are several free versions of Tabata timers as well, I myself actually have more than one!

#5> Couch to 5k! Now we are getting to the really good stuff! I lf you want to fall in love with running, of possibly would like to be able to run but do not think that you can THINK AGAIN! This app trains you over a weekly period and has you ready to run a 5k no problem when you finish the calendar! I am a proven example of this app working because I went from dying when I tried to jog one block to being the intermediate runner I am not and LOVING it. It is one of my favorite free apps out there! You can even select your coaching voice. I always use the zombie guy he is a lot of fun!

#4> My fitness pal- I have been using this app for what seems like forever. I love have it calculates my calories based on weight and height automatically to take out the guess work. I also love the ability it has to scan barcodes and tell you the nutritional content in what you are about to eat. You can also log your water intake as well as your exercise for the day. It is truly one of the most complex free apps out there!

#3> Charity miles- my friend Ashley and I discovered this app and we LOVE IT! We are both passionate runners so we may be a little bit prejudice. But seriously? What is better than doing your hard work for yourself and donating money to a good cause?? Charity miles lets you pick your charity ( they have several to choose from) and then for every mile your run the sponsor of that charity donates twenty five sense for you! Pretty cool right?? Ashley and I made this our a Sunday Runday afternoon tradition. We typically choose the same charity, crank the tunes and run to raise money!!! You may be surprised but it is also free! Did I mention when you finish your run they email you coupons for healthy snacks?? All for free?? Make you want to become a runner now huh?

#2> Simply yoga- This app is great for rest day. It has short videos that teach you great yoga moves and stretches. When I miss my morning yoga class after having a rough HIIT class the night before and need to stretch out this app is a lifesaver. I have even used this app to help wake myself up when on my break at work! I’m sure you are already aware but it is also free.

FINALLY….. Drumroll please….. And the number one app on my list is……..

#1> THE NIKE RUNNING APP!!! Ok I know what your thinking you may not be a runner and I may be prejudice but this app is my most used, and the lost enjoyable app. It keeps track of your milages, let’s you connect with Facebook, add friends, calculates your weekly/ monthly miles and shows you the friends you have that are behind and ahead of you. You can also start virtual 5k,10k, etc challenges with your friends in different cities, states, etc and you can log in wherever your at and it lets you know who wins. It also have voice overs of famous trainers, runners, athletes that let you know when you have passed a milestone in each run. I find this app very motivating. It is also very accommodating and lets you custom the music, terrain, etc so it’s accurate! Best part?? Come on you guys know if it’s on here it’s gotta be free!!!

Well that’s all I have I hope you enjoy looking into theses apps. Or maybe you already have them. Let me know what you think and if you have favorites not on my KIS leave me a comment so I can check them out! Fun fit mommy is heading out for a snow run. Stay warm!!!



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