Caffeine! Is it really that addictive, why it feels addictive, and ways to boost your energy if it’s not around

COFFEE!!! ENERGY DRINKS! ENERGY SHOTS!!!! SODA! The list goes on and on. In America we run on little to no sleep and lots of caffeine. We all do it. Some of us can’t seem to wake up or be alive without it, some of us need it on special occasions! My best friend is a total mombie (barley functioning zombie like mother who works through the motions to get by until her Starbucks kicks in) without her morning espresso! So what’s the dealio??? By the way for those of you who think I am going to bash coffee and caffeine in general for its negative health factors you would be very wrong! Are there great natural sources for caffeine out there? Of course. However it is STILL a source of caffeine. What I want to talk about today are some of the facts about caffeine, is it really as addictive as we think and some healthy good for you ways to get an energy boost when caffeine is nowhere in reach.

First of all we all know that if you quit caffeine cold turkey you may experience
– fatigue
– anxiety
– irritability
– difficulty concentrating
SPOILER!!! According to some more recent studies from the UK caffeine may not be as addictive as we think it is. Studies show a slight dependency but it may be mostly in your head! What?!?!? Caffeine is a stimulant to the central nervous system and regular consumption can cause MINOR dependency.

So now that we know that there is a possibility that the “addiction” excuse is more in our heads and that it only creates a minor dependency because of how it stimulates your system. Hmmm…… Interesting?

NOW what can you do if you’re stuck in a caffeineless vortex without a gas station or Starbucks in sight? Your in dyer need of an energy boost, your fading fast,and your coffee cup is empty???? Eeeek!!!! Look no further because I have these great energy boosting tips just for you.

#1- Try popping in a piece of your favorite gum.
Why it works? Studies in the UK show that if you chew gum for 10-15 mins or more you may become more alert. The chewing motion elevates elevates your heart rate increasing blood flow to your brain helping you to pop those peepers open.

#2- Sing your heart out! This one has worked on numerous occasions for me because I have great trouble staying awake when driving at night. With my small son as my co pilot being alert is non negotiable and depending on our destination I often get caught driving through long stretches of highway without even the hopes of an upcoming gas station.
Why It works- Music is energizing. The rhythm and tempo of the music raises your adrenaline getting your blood pumping. When you belt it out to your favorite tunes it increases energy and decreases tension. All of this means that the sudden burst of blood flow is a quick wake up call for your brain.

#3- B vitamins- As we all know these little babies help your metabolism to digest food. This means that they are essential for energy production.
FYI- Having a vitamin B deficiency can actually cause you to be fatigued and make it harder for you to concentrate

#4- Stretching- For one if you stand up after sitting down for an extended period of time you will experience a major blood rush to your brain giving you a pretty awesome energy boost. Well guess what?? Stretching just builds on that.
Why it works- Stretching encourages blood flow through your whole body releasing tension and helps you to become more awake.

#5- Ginseng- This is an all natural substitute coming from a root. Ginseng like coffee is a stimulant and has closer to the same effect.
Why it works- eh, there is not a whole lot more to it than that.

Ok fun fit mommy readers that’s it!!!! Have a happy Sunday!!!


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