It’s good to be back

Life got carried away as it does with all of us but I am back to carry on the love of my life (besides my amazing husband and fantastic son of course)FITNESS!!!! Look out world I also have a new Instagram where I post progress pics to inspire myself daily (yes I fear failing some days too) and hopefully to keep you inspired! Check it out with username funfitmommy2.0! I’m starting a new challenge now that I have completed so many other goals I reached out towards the ever daughter after ABS!!!! Dun dun DUN!!!! I have myself 90 days and got the hubby involved because he is competitive!!! My clean eating is super strict and my workouts are brutal but hey they say nothing tastes as good as fit feels… unless it’s Whataburger… anyway I am currently starting week 3! Inwill share my meal plan, workouts, progress pics here and on my Instagram! Please reach or with your questions and comments along the way as I am here to help you succeed as well! I hope to share my success as well as my failure along the way! And just for the record if I win my husband Josh will run his first half marathon, if he wins we’re staring a touring folk band. Yeah…. so there is the break down for you all! 90 days ending on December 17th, routine workouts and extra clean eating hopefully = ABs! Stay tuned for the updates ahead! Happy shredding!


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