Finding your fitness fit

   If there is one thing I have learned on my fitness journey it is that we’re all different. What motivates me might not motivate you! So how do you stay motivated to get fit? You find what makes fitness fun for you. Five years and 150lbs ago I could not run to a stop sign to save my life so running didn’t motivate me. As I started to make little progress I started to feel like I was not good at anything. You know as well as I do if you do not feel like you are good at something MOST people do not stick with it. So how do you find what works for you?? As stupid and “duh” as it may sound you try it ALL out. Nothing should be off limits. You literally NEVER KNOW until you try. I want to cover a few points on why it’s important and how it’s possible to give different types of workouts a try.

#1 So you don’t think you can dance? 

Give it a shot! Google dance studios in your area. Call your local  gym and see what classes they offer. It’s very common for gyms, YMCA, etc to offer Zumba, rhythmic aerobics type classes, ballroom, and hip hop classes. These types of classes take balance and full body movements so your apt to burn more calories. Everyone loves good music so if you hate the clock ticking slowly by while you get in your cardio, chances are you won’t even notice with these types of classes. I have a special place in my heart for Zumba. I could Zumba when I could do nothing else and rewarded my weight loss experience from it by becoming an instructor. Zumba in particular can burn up to 1,000 cals an hour. Talk about sweating your butt off. Trying these types of classes out are anywhere from $0-$10 usually. Most gyms offer first time passes to try to get you hooked on their facility and some dance instructors teach in their own using school gyms and church gymnasiums for a small fee. I highly suggest calling around and using Facebook and your friends for the opportunities in your community. Last but not least there are great beginner videos all the way through expert on YouTube and you can teach yourself.

#2 Stretch it out and get balanced 

  Dancing just not your cup of tea? Totally understandable. Like we said earlier forcing yourself to do something that you don’t enjoy won’t make you stick with it or get results. Yoga has come a long way from the start of the hype. In this day and age you can experience anything from novice to surpirior level stretching. Get bored easy?? Well yoga has branched out into hot yoga, more athletic yoga and then there are classes that focus more on agility and balance. A new craze you may have heard of is Barre! Barre is very focused on ballet style stretches, agility and balance. The amount of calories you can burn is not fully determined depending on the type of class and what all you put into it. These classes are also something that can be found on Facebook, Googling  in your area and calling your local gym, YMCA and even Instagram #barre #relaxandstretch #namastay. These classes you can usually try out for a whopping $0 as a first timer or a small group fitness fee. If you have a gym membership already and they offer group fitness classes you should look into taking advantage of these since they tend to be a part of your membership fee already. Wanna try it completely free? YouTube has some great channels dedicated to relaxation and balance from traditional yoga to more advanced  poses for a commitment free experience.

#3 Tone it up!!!!

 If your open to tightening things up and are a little more advanced than entry level, interval classes and strength and tone up classes might be for you. Less invasive than HIIT (high intensity interval training) toning classes, sometimes known as bootcamp etc. can be fun. These classes usually focus on light to moderate cardio and lighter weight training with more reps. This combo allows you to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time building and toning muscle while burning fat. Same as before you can research your classes or take advantage of YouTube! Some great channels to follow are Xhit and fitness blender for various workouts of this sort from beginner to advance. Want the motivation of a group? These types of classes are extremely common in your group fitness exercise ususally offered at your local gym or YMCA.

So there you go! Could we go on and on??? Absolutely! But I think this is enough to get you started! Find out what makes you want to move and give it a shot!!! I highly suggest trying it all if it’s accessible to you. You never know what will motivate you to excel in your fitness journey. Keep it fresh and change it up if you start to get bored. It’s GREAT to keep your body guessing. 


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